End of May Relay

By Julia Carter

Yet another fabulous event, and weren’t we blessed with the weather? The start was “a bit early” to quote Mary, with Chris T, Alistair, and the Joneses setting things in motion, all setting off on separate routes. The starting block was from outside Louise’s house. Louise was self isolating at the time but there she was with a smile and a cheer to welcome the first arrivals.

“Lockdown Lou”

On the basis of the various drafts and spreadsheets, I had, some may argue naively, been expecting my fellow Striders to arrive at approximately 9.00am. Chris T however announced his arrival at my house with a message “Here” at 8.29 am, so out I shot with wet hair, and one running shoe on and one running shoe in my hand. I was greeted by a very spritely Chris, and Chloe Abbot (and dog). Having failed to interpret the rules correctly I had not prepared a treat for my relay benefactors, so apologies Chris and Chloe, but I did take a couple of brownies with me to my onward recipients Brian and Sue. ...  continue reading

GVS 2.6 Relay Challenge

26th April 2020

By Kirsty Pierce

It was a good day. No, it was a great day. Possibly one of the best during these series of Groundhog-like days when there is often nothing particular (no Tuesday night training, no Wednesday hill and speed sessions, no Saturday breakfast or Sunday evening group runs) to differentiate one day from the next. So I hope I speak for everyone when I say that when I woke this morning and knew I would be slipping on my running shoes at the same time, just before or just after my running pals, it felt almost like I was running alongside others. Something I hadn’t felt in a while. ...  continue reading

Goyt Valley 2.6 Relay Challenge

by Brian Holland

I saw an article in the news about doing a fundraising event based round 2 and 6. (marathon distance which are all cancelled). So with the help of Helen Gilbert here is what GVS is doing.

  • Sunrise to Sunset relay
  • 26 people or groups of people who live together run/walk 2.6 miles
  • On 26 April

Hope you get it 🙂

Below is a link to a page where you can pick your time. Thank you Pete F for sorting this out.

This is not just about having a good excuse to go out. I am unlikely to be staging the Shining Tor Fell Race which last year gave £600 to Buxton Mountain Rescue. And Helen was going the run London Marathon to raise money for Phab Kids which supports clubs and holidays for disabled kids. Links are below. DON’T FORGET TO GIFT AID IF YOU CAN. ...  continue reading

Herod Farm

by Helen Gray

These strange times have made me feel sorry about things I can’t do even though I didn’t like them.

Herod Farm

April, the evenings are light once more
I will miss Herod farm
Not a phrase many thought to hear
I’ve long made clear my dislike
Of this short, sharp test
And yet, in these strange and anxious times,
I will miss Herod Farm.

The first of the year, the promise of more to follow
Friends old and new
Bright in their vests, names registered, numbers pinned,
Trotting, chatting up the road,
To Herod Farm. ...  continue reading

The Strider, September 2001

In the absence of any new contributions for The Strider, here’s what was being written about in September 2001, another year where the racing program was disrupted, in this case by the UK foot and mouth outbreak. It includes a report on his run in that year’s London Marathon from Dave Arden, who sadly died very recently. Someone who knew him well said “Dave was a great athlete. Won the Great Wall Marathon even after a marshal sent him the wrong way. Was a record holder at cycling time trial. Won European duathlon, maybe Worlds. Holds the record for most firsts at Woodbank Parkrun.“ ...  continue reading