Goyt Valley 2.6 Relay Challenge

by Brian Holland

I saw an article in the news about doing a fundraising event based round 2 and 6. (marathon distance which are all cancelled). So with the help of Helen Gilbert here is what GVS is doing.

  • Sunrise to Sunset relay
  • 26 people or groups of people who live together run/walk 2.6 miles
  • On 26 April

Hope you get it 🙂

Below is a link to a page where you can pick your time. Thank you Pete F for sorting this out.

This is not just about having a good excuse to go out. I am unlikely to be staging the Shining Tor Fell Race which last year gave £600 to Buxton Mountain Rescue. And Helen was going the run London Marathon to raise money for Phab Kids which supports clubs and holidays for disabled kids. Links are below. DON’T FORGET TO GIFT AID IF YOU CAN.

The Rules

Sign up by picking a time on the list here

Make a donation using one of the links below, suggestion is £5 but more or less is perfectly acceptable, also donations from people not actually taking part.

Sort your 2.6 mile route out, this has to be from your home, can end anywhere not necessarily back at your home, but end your route at 2.6 miles.

Once you have done your run, put a Strava or Garmin route somewhere so we can all see where you have been, a photo to go with it would be nice

Things you must do!

  1. Only run by yourself or with people you live with.
  2. If your route takes you through gates or stiles, remember be careful about touching things, wear gloves and wash hands.
  3. Do not select a route which goes through farm yards or gardens, so places like the path from Whaley Sewage works to Dolly Lane is out.
  4. No one can do two legs, advice is to only do one exercise session a day.
  5. Remember to follow the government advice to avoid spreading the virus, keeping 2m distance.

Many thanks for your support, please contact me with any questions.

07905100710 or bholland28@hotmail.com or GVS facebook page

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