Welcome to the new, online version of ‘The Strider’, the GVS newsletter / blog. It will contain the same kinds of articles that were published in the paper version – race reports, articles, recipes, photos – along with more topical, β€˜newsy’ articles, reprints of articles from earlier newsletters, and links to articles and posts in other running-related blogs and web sites.

Your contributions to ‘The Strider’ are vital, and always welcome, as are any comments or feedback you may have on these pages, and suggestions as to how they could be improved. Please send them all to me using the email link in the menu (or give them to me in person – I’m quite often out running in Whaley on a Tuesday evening and Saturday morning).

The blog is likely to change a bit over coming weeks and months as we try different things to see what works. Please bear with us, as publishing online is new to us, and we won’t get it right straightaway.

We hope you will enjoy what you find here, and we will try to make sure stuff gets published more regularly than the printed newsletter πŸ™‚ The first article will be Aidan Grant’s review of the Equinox 24 race. He wrote it a while back – for an issue of the paper newsletter that was never produced – but it’s still a great read.

While you’re waiting for that, if you haven’t already, read Chris Bowen’s article on her ‘Running out of time’ blog, about GVS at the recent British Fell Relays 2018.

See you out running!

Pete Fotheringham